Apple Watch: Apple’s Front into the Fashion World

An incredible bit of retail business news hit the techie world this week with Apple’s choice in venues for it’s new Apple Watch. While Apple will be selling the watches themselves and have chosen to spread the news wide and far that the best venue to get the Apple Watch will be online, the main front they plan to sell their new Apple Watch in is high end fashion outlets.

Apple is intent on making people see that the Apple Watch is more than just a phone accessory. The watch will debut at such high end outlets as Paris’s Colette and Tokyo’s Isetan. These are the spots where high fashion gains its footing, where the hottest trends are set so that they can trickle down into the mainstream.

It’s really no wonder why Apple chose these venues rather than merely their Apple stores where the tech savvy ladies and gentleman can get their paws on it. The Apple Watch comes in a variety of styles, ranging in price from $349 all the way up to $17,000 version that comes in either 18 karat rose gold with a grey rose band and rose gold buckle or an 18 karat yellow gold casing and buckle with a red strap. There are an incredible amount of options so that you can personalize your Apple Watch, which Apple has deemed their most personalized product yet. With all these options, the fashion world is sure to swoop down on these products quickly.

Many boutiques are also offering an appointment to be fitted for the Apple Watch where not only will you be scheduled for a fitting, but an in depth demonstration of what the watch can do. This is, after all, an Apple device and they come with an amazing variety of options to choose from. The Apple Watch makes its debut with over 3000 apps already ready and waiting to be bought and downloaded to your device. Quite a few even come standard with the watch.

Unfortunately, there are only a few select locations across the world that will have the Apple Watch available and, according to a leaked memo, once this first batch of watches has left the shelves, you will have to wait until June to find another batch. Many boutiques have released the Watches in a very low key debut so that the previous week long waits by people looking to buy the latest Apple devices could be avoided.

If you are one of the many tech junkies who were wanting the latest Apple product, this bit of retail business news may hit you pretty hard. While you might have been able to find a few Apple Watch distributors in the tech world, the most likely place to find one is actually at a high end fashion boutique. Apple is looking to start a trend with their latest product and not only among techies, but also the fashion savvy. Once the ‘in’ crowd get their hands on the new Apple Watch, it is sure to sky rocket in demand.

The Best Businesses to Start in 2015

According to a Gallup poll, 2015 is a great year to start a business because optimism among SMB owners is at its highest since 2008 when America was in the throes of the subprime mortgage bust. In addition, figures published by the IRS show that the number of sole proprietors is at an all-time high since 1999. If you are unsure about the best business to start, here are some ideas to get you started:

E-commerce Business

The rising number of consumers ordering goods and services online has made the e-commerce industry one of the most lucrative. Research carried out by Sageworks, a financial information company, shows that this industry experienced sales growth of 20.5% in 2014. This trend is likely to continue in the near future as more people take advantage of low prices offered by online retailers as well as huge discounts offered during holidays.

Software Company

If you have a background in IT and know how to write and publish software, you can use your expertise to start a company. You can even turn such a startup into a fortune the same way Jan Koum and his friend used their programming expertise to build Whatsapp, which Facebook acquired for billions of dollars. The same research carried out by Sageworks found that sales in the software publishing industry grew by 16% in 2014.

Investigation Business

IT is not the only sector where you can start a business with a huge potential for successful. For instance, you can start a business that offers investigation services to clients such as employers, property owners, financial institutions, celebrities, learning institutions, and even couples. Individuals and entities use the services of private investigators for different reasons such as determining whether a spouse is having an affair, tracking a fugitive, tracking a lost family member, or unmasking identity thieves. Although anyone can start such a business, people who have served in the police or military tend to have an edge largely because of domain knowledge. Sales in this sector grew by 14.4% in 2014.

Human Resources Company

With the American economy currently in great shape, most companies are doubling down their hiring efforts. You can get a piece of this pie by starting a company that offers employment services. However, you should be ready to hire great tech talent because the once unexciting HR niche is experiencing a revolution of sorts. Ambitious startups are using computer algorithms to scour social networking sites and then analyze gathered data to determine personality and suitability of potential hires. Firms in this niche posted sales growth figures of 12% by the end of 2014.

A Word of Encouragement

According to James Noe, an analyst at Sageworks, the barriers to entry in the aforementioned industries are relatively low. This is due to a booming economy, low interest rates making access to capital easy, and minimal upfront costs.


There has never been a better time to start a business than now. You can use the sky-high optimism among consumers and SMBs to launch an e-commerce, HR, software publishing, or a private investigation business.

5 Innovative Business Ideas for 2015

singapore-243669_640Innovation has become increasingly important in today’s business landscape. In fact, many startups are leveraging this key business aspect to differentiate themselves from their competitors, attract consumers, and generate revenues. Even incumbents, such as IBM with its Watson AI platform, are jumping on the innovation bandwagon.Vivek Bapat, Global Vice President for Portfolio & Strategic Marketing at SAP calls it the biggest buzzword of the last two decades. With that in mind, here are five innovative business ideas for 2015:


In spite of teething problems such as association with unsavory characters operating in the dark web, Bitcoin has emerged as the most viable cryptocurrency in the world. In fact, this currency is today widely accepted by some large companies such as PayPal, eBay, Virgin Galactic, Microsoft, Tesla, Dell, and even online dating site OkCupid. If you would like to mint money from people who use this cryptocurrency, you could start by opening a company that processes Bitcoins. In general, companies such as Microsoft do not accept Bitcoins in the real sense. They partner with Bitcoin processors like Coinbase to turn Bitcoins used by consumers to buy their goods/services into dollars.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Another innovative idea that you can turn into a thriving business, particularly if you have the relevant knowledge, is giving consumers immersive experiences via virtual and augmented reality. This niche is potentially so lucrative that companies such as Google, Facebook, Samsung, and Microsoft are doing everything they can, including mergers and acquisitions, to revolutionize the way consumers interact with ads, consume video content, interact with surrounding environment, and play video games.

Consumer Tracking

Consumer tracking typically involves keeping track of the digital footprints of consumers as they move around the Internet. Although this may sound easy, it is tricky because many web users own multiple mobile devices. Moreover, they can use desktop PCs and laptops to access the internet. If you can figure out how to do this, you can make a lot of money selling this information to advertisers and marketers.

On-demand Economy

The on-demand niche involves consumers who want to order a product/service and receive or have it delivered immediately. This has spawned the rise of successful companies like Uber. You too can target this market niche and offer services such as instant shopping delivery. In fact, Amazon has been trying for years to solve this problem and ran into headwinds when American aviation authorities nicked its idea of using drones to deliver goods to consumers.

Data Security

Data breaches have become so rampant today that they only become newsworthy when they involve large corporations or the release of salacious tidbits. A good example of this is the recent Sony hacking saga. With this in mind, this industry is ready for a company that can offer robust data security solutions. This includes identifying and neutralizing hacking attempts before they turn into PR disasters as well as unmasking the identity of cybercriminals.


To remain relevant and profitable in today’s highly competitive business landscape, companies must make innovation a top priority. Some of the innovative business ideas that are likely to gain traction in 2015 include virtual and augmented reality, data security, consumer tracking, products/services targeting the on-demand economy niche, and cryptocurrency services.